Euroo Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager

For workers everywhere, increasing demands in the workplace may feel like an emotional roller coaster-ride! Excessive stress can eventually affect a person’s physical and emotional health, and subsequently leads to more and more stress in severe cases.
Stress is created mentally or it can be real and tangible. Either way, it can lead to muscle tension, which is a normal response to the fight-or-flight phenomenon – the body’s natural way of managing threats and demands. Stress in the workplace combined with long periods of muscular exertion, poor posture and poor sleeping habits, can lead to tension and spasm of the muscles, especially in the neck and upper-back.
Although not to be generalised, workers who are constantly doing long hours at work, trying to beat deadlines, attending countless meetings or trying to impress the boss – are often fogged with fatigue and thus daily exercise is almost impossible.
There are several remedies to relieve stress and muscle tension. First is to be aware of one’s stress level. When the alarm bells of stress start blaring, and you begin to notice aches and headaches, it may be time for you to step back, stop, relax and rest for a little while. A little massage on the painful areas may provide some brief temporary relief, but in cases of persistent neck pain and tenderness, a mild anti-inflammatory analgesic may be beneficial.
Appointments with your health care provider are still recommended, however, it will entail more money and consumes more time off from work. One solution for the busy office worker is a handy gadget that will relive muscle tension, even if you’re at work sitting at your desk!
Euroo Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager is an amazing device that gives immediate muscle relaxation and also relieves muscle stiffness and tension. Additionally, it can alleviate neuropathic pain and may also improve blood circulation. The device comes with 8 levels of intensity depending on your preferred strength and power of massage. Although intentionally crafted to fit the neck and shoulder, this device can still be used on any part of the body. It also comes with a built-in heater and auto timer.
All in all, this device is amazing and works especially well for the busy, constantly stressed worker.

Write like a professional with Faber Castell

Have you experienced buying a new pen and after writing a few sentences it won’t write anymore? Do you often get annoyed with the fact that you bought an expensive pen only to find out it won’t do its job after it fell from your desk? If your answer is yes, then a Faber Castell ball pen may be just what you’re looking for.



These high-quality pens are surprisingly affordable, and they come in different numerous popular colors.



They are designed to grip comfortably, especially when writing for any length of time. One thing that sets these pens apart from others is that every drop of ink will be used up before you need to discard it. You can say goodbye to the bad experience of throwing half-used pens away!



Another great feature of Faber Castell pens is the color of the pen will remain the same from its first use to the last use. In addition, it won’t stop working even if it falls off from the table, and they’re designed so they release just the right amount of ink while writing – not too much or too little. Other pens, even ones with good brand names often fail in these areas.



A good pen can be a good investment of both your time and money, and it will always be a pleasure to use and attract admiring glances from those who see you using it!

Maybelline Clear Smooth all-in-one Powder Foundation in Honey

Be shine-free for hours with Maybelline

A lot of women who have oily skin are constantly searching for a foundation that will not fail them. For women and girls with this skin type, putting on makeup can be counter-productive.


There are lots of foundations on the market that promise to keep oil at bay, but not all of them live up to their promises. If there is one product that can keep its promise, it’s usually not pocket friendly!



Maybelline understands oily skin types, so they have released the Maybelline clear smooth all-in- one powder foundation. Here are some pros and cons for this product:


The pros


  • It controls oil on the skin really well. It may not last as much as what it says in the package, but it keeps oil at bay twice as long as some other popular oil-control foundations.


  • It does not cause break-outs. Most oil-control foundations can lodge in the skin pores and cause pimples. That is not the case with Maybelline.


  • It doesn’t cake, even if you reapply layer after layer, it will still not look cakey.

The cons

  • The drawback of this product is that it can oxidize on acidic skin. In order to avoid having a dark face after wearing this for a long period, a primer should be applied beforehand. Another option is to choose a color that is one shade lighter than your skin-tone so that by the time it oxidizes, it will still match the color of your natural skin.

All in all, this is a good foundation that is worth trying, and it’s priced well relative to other similar products available.

Preparing a Summer Garden

Many people desire to have a beautiful summer garden to enjoy themselves and to impress their guests, but find it a challenge to plan such a garden. Like most things, to achieve a beautiful garden requires some good planning and site analysis before you rush out and buy plants and garden ornaments etc !


To begin the master plan of your new summer garden, it’s always a good idea to identify which plants and features that are in the current garden area that are worth keeping to use as the basis of your new summer garden design. There may be some existing shrubs and trees that you want to keep in their present position, or you may wish to keep them, but move them around so that they look better or fit better into the new plan. It’s important that you select plants and trees that are suited to the position of the new garden, for example, try to avoid placing a plant that likes lots of sun into shady positions and vice versa. It’s also a good idea to find out from the plant nursery or look up on Google how large each shrub and tree can become. You don’t want to plant something that looks good while it’s relatively young and small if it grows to become a large tree that is too big for the position and damages paths and underground pipes or that will be difficult to remove when it’s bigger.Your masterplan will need to take into consideration such things as property boundaries and borders, so that whatever you plant will not have a negative effect on your neighbor’s views or sunlight etc. Your new garden may help you achieve blocking out some undesirable view or building, and replacing that ugly view with something more pleasant like attractive greenery. It’s also important to consider what else you want your garden to achieve, ie are you just trying to make an ugly area look more beautiful or do you also wish to create practical areas to sit and relax, have BBQ’s with friends and family, or to grow some fresh fruit and vegetables to eat ? If you want to grow a vegetable garden, you need to consider your present soil quality. If it’s good healthy soil, you may be able to plant a vegetable garden without adding any new soil, but if you aren’t blessed with good soil, you may have to add bags of new soil or build elevated planter-boxes filled with new soil.
Even if your new garden is just for growing vegetables, you can make it attractive by planting bigger vegetables at the back and smaller ones in the front, or plant some things in neat orderly rows and of course add some herbs and flowers to make it look pretty as well as attracting bees and butterflies !


Aside from the plants, you may want to have some focal points such as water features or bird-baths and bird-feeders, garden furniture or garden ornaments. Some people take quite ordinary objects and place them in the garden to make attractive conversation-pieces or ornaments. However, it’s often best to keep the garden from seeming too busy or gaudy, so place only one or two features strategically for maximum visual effect. It’s important to be able to get pleasure from your summer garden in the evening too, so you may want to include some lighting that illuminates a path, seating area or that highlights specimen trees or garden features. This can be accomplished by using solar-powered lights that don’t require any messy wiring or electricity cables. If you are planning to have tables and chairs for your guests in your summer garden, you may even want to have overhead lighting, which will require electricity, so it’s often best to place these areas close to a building, so you can attach lights to the side of a building.


Pathways with stones and pavers and lawn areas can also make a garden attractive, and help to create different areas of the garden to enjoy. To boost your garden, you can incorporate a goldfish pond or waterfall.


Making an enticing summer garden can be a wonderful thing for you and your friends. Your garden can really take on a new and outstanding look without doing anything too drastic or costing too much money. If you plan it right, you will have many hours of personal enjoyment and fulfillment as well as many appreciative compliments from friends and guests.



Happy gardening !


Would brand new Kitchen Cabinets perk up your life ?


Does it feel like your home is becoming out of date ?  Maybe you’ve lived there some time and you’re getting a little tired of opening up the same cabinets each day, or perhaps they simply don’t open and close as well as they used to.


Whatever your domestic situation is, perhaps a collection of new cabinets or even a whole new kitchen would help perk up your life ?


If  you’re thinking about upgrading or remodelling your kitchen, it doesn’t have to include everything in the kitchen. Perhaps all you need is new appliances or a new kitchen sink or a new benchtop to add some new life to this important and well-used area of your house ?  If your budget allows, it might be that replacing your old cabinets is all you actually want and need to do.


If you are on a real constrained budget, without having any way to get extra money, then you’ll have to start with only a part at a time. There’s no question that if you are remodelling the entire kitchen then you will be getting new cabinets, but if you are starting with only part of the kitchen, you may or may not improve your cabinets. In case that’s your choice, the very first thing to do is figure out the order. Moreover, if your designs do include new cabinets, make sure you understand that they are not easy to install, and that you will probably need a professional kitchen installer to help you.


If you decide to replace your current cabinets, be sure to give a lot of thought as to what you want and need, because you can’t try one set, not like them, and then try another like you can with clothes ! One thing you can do to avoid an upsetting outcome is to go to a home goods store nearby and look at their kitchen cabinet displays. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about kitchen cabinet prices, and the cost of measuring, design, supply and installation.





Choosing the right swimwear for you

Summer is that wonderful time of year when most students don’t have any classes and are able to enjoy the long summer break. One of the most pleasant and relaxing places to spend those hot days and balmy nights is swimming at the beach or in a nice cool swimming pool.


We all want to look our best when we are at the beach or pool, and to show off our young healthy bodies for our own pleasure and to hopefully attract the attention of a handsome guy too ! Wearing a swimsuit that shows off our body, its shape and skin tone will help make us feel good about ourselves as well as making us look attractive to others.


The challenge is finding a swimsuit in the right style and color to suit your body, skin and hair tone, and to find one that fits properly and is comfortable to wear in and out of the water.


These days there are many different styles to choose from:


  • One-piece Swimsuits cover up the mid-section of your body, and can help make you look slim down and to show your figure more.
  • Bikinis are probably the most popular swimsuit, as they are very easy to put on and take off,  and if you have a nice figure, they can make a woman look very sexy. They are many kinds of bikinis such as Monokinis, Bandeukinis and Tankinis.
  • For a practical item of swimwear, some men and women wear Rash-guards (Rashies) which are a long or short-sleeved T-shirt style top that can be a cool way of protecting your skin from rashes and abrasion when surfing on a boogie-board. Rashies are also good for protecting your skin from too much sun exposure and UV radiation.


Whichever style of swimwear you choose, make sure it’s the right style and fit for the occasion, and that you feel comfortable and natural wearing it. This is the most intimate form of clothing that you will wear outside in public, so it needs to be appropriate, flattering to your body and comfortable to wear in and out of the water.


Buying a Digital Camera

Owning a digital camera has never been more popular for capturing all your personal and scenic moments in still photographs or video. The popularity of such devices comes from their versatility and the fact that they no longer require expensive film or developing, and you can shoot so many more images than you could on an old film camera.


With this new popularity has come significant competition from manufacturers to provide as many features for the least amount of cost. Standard features for most digital cameras now includes large LCD viewing screen to line up your shot and to check it afterwards. Also included in most digital cameras is a built-in flash, multiple settings for various conditions, ie night photography, landscape, portraits etc. Most digital cameras also include auto-focus, taking the hard work of having to read the light conditions and set the lens and shutter speed accordingly.


Most digital cameras are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, that lasts for several days of normal photographic use. No need to buy batteries and dispose of used ones. You can charge your battery via an ac adapter or sometimes using the USB port of your laptop.

Choosing the right digital camera for your needs


Finding out which camera is right for you is the most challenging part ! Make a short list of all the things you imagine you’ll use the camera for, ie taking snapshots of family, holiday shots, night shots and close-up shots of food, flowers or products. Most digital cameras will be able to comfortably handle a broad range of photographic conditions and applications, but some brands and models will have strengths in certain areas, especially if you want to do specialist landscape, portrait, nature and night photography.


Digital cameras come in many sizes from small compact models that fit into your pocket or purse through to large-body models with detachable SLR lenses for more professional work. One thing they all have in common is that the images taken are stored on a SD or data card, enabling a large number of images to be taken and edited at a later time.


Transferring the images taken with your camera to a computer can be done by removing the SD memory card from the camera and inserting it into a laptop, or it can be inserted directly into a photo-booth to develop prints. You can also edit or delete unwanted images off your SD memory card directly from your camera by going through the menu and finding the “delete” settings.


Popular brands of digital cameras are Canon, Panasonic, FujiFilm, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Leica, Pentax and Ricoh etc. One of the most popular cameras is the Canon, based on searches on PriceMe.


One of the quickest ways to refine your search for the right camera is to read expert reviews on sites such as PriceMe. Here you will find which cameras tested and rated well for various uses, which will help you narrow down the options of which brands and models will work best for you.


A Simple Guide to Online Shopping

Online Shopping has made e-commerce a billion-dollar industry. It is because people have experienced the benefits of shopping online.


Along with the businesses’ online success comes a plethora of scams and frauds that prevent customers to shop goods on the web. However, this doesn’t stop some people to buy online because of some alternative payment option specifically the Cash on Delivery method. This is one of the very reasons why so many consumers love online shopping for the past couple of years. The payment is made at the actual delivery of the item either cash or via credit/debit card. The trust is there and you only paid for the right product.


Online stores are open 24 hours and 7 days a week. This has enabled shoppers to purchase at the comfort of their homes or anywhere as long you have access to the internet anytime. It will also save you time as you don’t need to visit a lot of different stores to look for the right item. Most retailers nowadays have an online presence so it is easier for you to browse for products and compare specifications and prices. Shopping has become much more convenient and easier when comparison websites like Priceme Malaysia offered a free service for those who look for cheaper prices of iPhones, iPads, Android devices, home appliance, electronics, men and women’s fashion and accessories and even health and beauty products.


However, if it is your first time to shop online, you can be overwhelmed with so many retailers and product choices. This may put your self unsecured from spammers. To start, you should know which companies can be trusted with your payment transactions and have clear delivery and return policies. If you’re still unsure, try to call them using the phone number which can be seen on the website’s Contact page or email them through its contact form. You can be sure that the site is reputable.


When you are buying clothes or shoes online, there are certain dimensions that you need to check to determine that you are getting the right product that you want. You can also view product ratings and product reviews that some buyers have made. This information will equip you with knowledge to decide whether the product is worth buying for.


It has never been too safe on the web. Security should be your first priority and you can initiate it by updating your browser whether its Mozilla Firefox, Maxthon, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer to its latest version to protect you from malware.


Using Wi-Fi in public isn’t safe for anyone to make transactions online as there are many thieves who can hack your personal information and financial accounts. Also, don’t be tempted to click immediately on whatever pop-ups in your browser. Phishing sites are placing hoax ads and offers that are too good to be true like you win from a lottery or you win an Apple Mac without doing any effort on joining contests. Clicking on them may get your computer infected by viruses and malware.


Always keep an eye on every transaction you’ve made. Take down a record, receipts, and packaging intact just in case you find some defects on the item or it just doesn’t meet your expectations as you will have to return them to the seller and ask for replacement or a refund. If you noticed malicious transactions on your bank account, report it immediately and do necessary actions to stay on the safe side.