Preparing a Summer Garden

Many people desire to have a beautiful summer garden to enjoy themselves and to impress their guests, but find it a challenge to plan such a garden. Like most things, to achieve a beautiful garden requires some good planning and site analysis before you rush out and buy plants and garden ornaments etc !


To begin the master plan of your new summer garden, it’s always a good idea to identify which plants and features that are in the current garden area that are worth keeping to use as the basis of your new summer garden design. There may be some existing shrubs and trees that you want to keep in their present position, or you may wish to keep them, but move them around so that they look better or fit better into the new plan. It’s important that you select plants and trees that are suited to the position of the new garden, for example, try to avoid placing a plant that likes lots of sun into shady positions and vice versa. It’s also a good idea to find out from the plant nursery or look up on Google how large each shrub and tree can become. You don’t want to plant something that looks good while it’s relatively young and small if it grows to become a large tree that is too big for the position and damages paths and underground pipes or that will be difficult to remove when it’s bigger.Your masterplan will need to take into consideration such things as property boundaries and borders, so that whatever you plant will not have a negative effect on your neighbor’s views or sunlight etc. Your new garden may help you achieve blocking out some undesirable view or building, and replacing that ugly view with something more pleasant like attractive greenery. It’s also important to consider what else you want your garden to achieve, ie are you just trying to make an ugly area look more beautiful or do you also wish to create practical areas to sit and relax, have BBQ’s with friends and family, or to grow some fresh fruit and vegetables to eat ? If you want to grow a vegetable garden, you need to consider your present soil quality. If it’s good healthy soil, you may be able to plant a vegetable garden without adding any new soil, but if you aren’t blessed with good soil, you may have to add bags of new soil or build elevated planter-boxes filled with new soil.
Even if your new garden is just for growing vegetables, you can make it attractive by planting bigger vegetables at the back and smaller ones in the front, or plant some things in neat orderly rows and of course add some herbs and flowers to make it look pretty as well as attracting bees and butterflies !


Aside from the plants, you may want to have some focal points such as water features or bird-baths and bird-feeders, garden furniture or garden ornaments. Some people take quite ordinary objects and place them in the garden to make attractive conversation-pieces or ornaments. However, it’s often best to keep the garden from seeming too busy or gaudy, so place only one or two features strategically for maximum visual effect. It’s important to be able to get pleasure from your summer garden in the evening too, so you may want to include some lighting that illuminates a path, seating area or that highlights specimen trees or garden features. This can be accomplished by using solar-powered lights that don’t require any messy wiring or electricity cables. If you are planning to have tables and chairs for your guests in your summer garden, you may even want to have overhead lighting, which will require electricity, so it’s often best to place these areas close to a building, so you can attach lights to the side of a building.


Pathways with stones and pavers and lawn areas can also make a garden attractive, and help to create different areas of the garden to enjoy. To boost your garden, you can incorporate a goldfish pond or waterfall.


Making an enticing summer garden can be a wonderful thing for you and your friends. Your garden can really take on a new and outstanding look without doing anything too drastic or costing too much money. If you plan it right, you will have many hours of personal enjoyment and fulfillment as well as many appreciative compliments from friends and guests.



Happy gardening !

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